Hi Friend



And I’m your joyful productivity geek!

If you’ve ever felt…

  • Exhausted from surviving your day-to-day
  • Fed-up with delaying your dreams
  • Trapped in the same thought-loops 
  • Stuck in other people’s agendas
  • “Just one month away” from getting back on track
  • Like the “always late” friend
  • Scrambled, forgetful and behind

… You need a coach to get OUT of your head and find the best research-backed mindsets, skillsets and systems for you.

I help busy professionals design their days for joyful productivity.

So that every days feels like less of a drag… more like an exciting adventure about to unfold!

By distilling behavior science into simple, step-by-step actions, I hold my clients’ hand every step of the way to find the right approach for their unique lifestyle and goals. 

My personal struggle with depression, always feeling behind, and meaningless work sparked a journey to uncover sustainable personal strategies to manage myself.

I went from being three hours late to my friend’s birthday party, to a certified Human Potential Coach with over a decade of experience in strategy consulting.

If I can learn these tools and techniques, I promise that you can too.

My greatest joy in life is helping others create more joy in their workday, and unleash their full potential.