A Sneak Peak of My Adult ‘Report Card’

Pop. Crackle. Exhale.

Is there anything more satisfying than cracking open the spine of a new journal? Rolling a fresh page of matte no-bleed paper in between your thumb and index finger…

Yes, this 30-something still giddily skips down the aisle for new school supplies.

Maybe that’s why I still get excited about… my monthly report card?!


“NERD” might as well be written in sharpie on my forehead.

As a kid, opening my report card launched a flood of butterflies in my stomach and richter-5 quakes in my hands. That’s because school measured my work according to someone else’s standard.

Bleck! Who really wants to feel judged by someone else?!

Now that I’m an adult, I always get to pick out my favorite school supplies (heck, I love school supplies so much, I even designed my own Present & Productive Planner Journal!)…

And I write my own personal Monthly Report Card 💌.

Yes this super-geek keeps a report card.

My Report Card gently nudges me to keep the promises I make to myself.

It’s a practice I developed to improve my follow-through skills… recognizing that I get to create my own definition of success. Even if that means asking for an extension, changing a project, or deciding to drop a goal. End of story, no questions needed.

Sometimes my report card is out of sight for a couple of days (or those busy weeks), but it’s always there to help me learn from my past month and navigate a new course ahead.

Here it is!! My (very imperfect, colorful and messy) scorecard that helps me focus on what really matters – while learning from my own habits!

My report card helps me…

  • Track my intentions
  • See what goals are worthwhile
  • Visualize where I’m procrastinating
  • Decide when to let go of a project
  • Prioritize different action steps toward my goals
  • See which habits are sticking
  • Brainstorm new approaches to habits that aren’t catching hold

Learning from my past month is the ultimate outcome.

By the time I get to the end of the month, I have a snapshot of how my intentions aligned with how I spent my time. Planning for the next month is so much easier when you have a baseline.

I used to absolutely dread the end of the month. BAM! It would arrive, completely disorienting, bringing waves of disappointment around everything I had left undone, half-finished… bright ideas fallen by the wayside like unpaired socks left on the floor (How is it that socks always get lost and mismatched no matter how hard I try to keep tabs on them?)

Now with my monthly scorecard I have a fun way to check in with myself and stay accountable to the promises I make to myself.

And yes, it can be fun! Imagine if your grade school report card were playful with:

  • Favorite colored pens (or multi-colored like me!)
  • Color-coding which action items align with your greater goals
  • Writing love notes to yourself
  • Sprinkling fun doodles and drawings
  • Silly stickers! Is anything more fun than stickers? (flashback to my 90s holographic sticker collection)

Is your interest piqued yet?

Obviously, as a super-nerd, I’d love to help you get your own monthly report card up-and-running… so you can stop losing track of your dreams and make accountability the most awesome adventure possible! Save 20-minutes on my calendar for a (totally free) productivity audit and test out how a Monthly Report Card might accelerate your goals.

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