Episode 37: Are You Failing Often Enough?

Today’s podcast episode is all about the “F” word… Failure! Instead of wondering, why am I afraid of failure, what if you asked yourself, are you failing often enough?

Left unchecked, Fear of Failure is paralyzing. Your mind races. Your heart rate rises. Your stomach tightens. It’s essential to ⚠️ recalibrate Fear of Failure and ⚠️ correct the brain’s negativity bias.

Redefine what “Failure” means in today’s podcast episode…

So “Failure” creates less fear & more motivational fire 🔥.

We’ll explore why failure can actually be a GOOD thing, with some cool examples of how to calibrate your Fear of Failure. I’ll also share one of my most powerful goal-setting questions to use failure as a force for good ⚡️.

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