Episode 24: Presence Starts in your Body, Not Your Mind


Presence is becoming a buzzword, but what is all of the buzz about? And do you really know what presence is?

Today’s episode is all about why presence is a skill that can be practiced and the benefits of consistent presenting time (that’s right, time spent only on being present ; ). As always, I’m revealing one of my all-time-favorite exercises for practicing presence… in only 2-3 minutes.

Hop on in because today’s episode is sure to be worth your while!

Outline of today’s episode:

  • [2:05] Why I love practicing presence in the summertime
  • [3:09] The default definition of productivity in today’s culture
  • [4:45] What I learned about presence from watching opera singers
  • [5:30] A great example of Noble Posture is Winged Victory of Samothrace at the Louvre
  • [7:12] The ROI on dedicating time just to being present
  • [9:45] Join me step-by-step in a favorite Presencing Practice 😊

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