Episode 25: Why a Gratitude Walk might be the Best Part of Your Day!

A 5- or 10-minute gratitude walk might be the practice you need to start your day off with sunshine (no matter the weather forecast)!

Today’s episode shares my #1 favorite way to start the day: a Gratitude Walk.

Dive into today’s episode to learn why a gratitude walk is a powerful tool to transform your outlook – without having to ‘fake’ positivity. We’ll walk through three simple steps to create a powerful gratitude walk practice to strengthen your mindset all day long.

Highlights from today’s episode:

  • [1:45] Why gratitude is instrumental for a healthy and happy brain, but you can’t fake it. (For further reading, checkout this article from Heartmath).
  • [2:58] How the discipline of a gratitude walk can transform your outlook from frustrated, down and depressed to grateful, alive and connected. (Learn more about the gratitude-posture connection)
  • [3:46] The three-part process for creating your own gratitude walk practice!
  • [6:20] The power of being grateful for the future!
  • [8:30] How you can enjoy a gratitude walk with a friend ; )

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