Episode 26: Stop Overwhelm in its Tracks by Getting Out of Your Head and Visualizing Your Time

Visualizing your time each day is an essential tool for effective time-management. Break free from our culture’s ineffectual obsession with the endless to-do list!

Visualizing your time is about freeing yourself – so you can align how much time you have with where your time is spent.

Learn the brain-boosting benefits of visualizing your time – plus the simple strategy to make visualizing your time an effortless part of your daily routine.

Today’s episode covers:

  • [0:43] The most common lie we tell ourselves about time.
  • [2:37] Why aligning how you spend your time on a daily basis is critical to feeling like you’re living on purpose.
  • [3:14] The power of visualizing your time.
  • [4:30] Visualizing your time helps to improve your memory throughout the day. It also helps counteract Parkinson’s Law.
  • [5:29] Visualizing your time boosts your creativity by activating your Reticular Activating System.
  • [6:35] Ideas into practice: How to support your brain’s memory, focus and creativity with a time-tracking planner.
  • [7:15] Spoiler Alert: Sneek preview into my top recommended Planner for visualizing your day 😉 book

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