Episode 22: A Tiny Break that Makes a Giant Difference – The Power of Micro-Exercise Breaks

Stop depleting yourself in the workday and start recharging with micro-exercise breaks.

It’s hard to take a break in a culture where success means working nonstop to the point of exhaustion.

The truth is, your energy is your greatest asset – for your work and your family. That’s why today’s episode shares a simple, effective strategy: micro-exercise breaks. All it requires is a bit of forethought and the tiniest investment of time.

My challenge to you: At the end of today’s episode make a list of 3 things you can do in a 30-second to 4-minute micro-exercise break! Put that list on a sticky note or into a phone reminder, and watch your energy levels improve with a sprinkling of micro-exercise breaks in your workday.

Outline of Today’s Episode

  • [2:10] MacMaster University’s “Sweat so you don’t forget” study reveals
  • [3:03] According to Harvard Health, regular exercise helps increase the number of healthy cells in the brain’s hippocampus, an area of our brain associated with creativity and memory.
  • [3:30] Tabatha training is proven to have meaningful benefits, even though one Tabatha session lasts only 4 minutes. Everyone can make time for that! Read more in the Journal of Physiological Sciences.
  • [4:14] “Motion creates emotion.” Tony Robbins
  • [4:54] A 2018 workplace survey by Tork revealed that 20% of employees in North America worry that their bosses think they don’t work hard enough when they take a lunch break.
  • [6:20] Your energy and physical state is your most valuable asset for your organization.
  • [6:47] At my corporate job in Korea dance music was played every afternoon after lunch to give everyone a quick minute to recharge and shake it out.
  • [7:30] Get your creative juices flowing with some specific ideas for adding micro-exercise breaks into your work routine.
  • [8:57] Put this principle into practice by making a list ahead of time of all the fun breaks you can take!
  • [10:08] Learn more about how time-blocking can help you integrate micro-exercise breaks into your daily routine

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