What’s your Tipping Point? Leveraging the Power of Healthy Habits.

What’s a Tipping Point? A behavioral cue that replaces a negative trigger with positive reinforcement for a healthy habit.

With the help of a bonus Healthy Habits Worksheet to guide you through today’s episode, you can transform your daily routines into outstanding Healthy Habits in three simple steps.

Because the building blocks for an outstanding quality of life are outstanding daily habits!

Today’s episode:

  • [3:10] The power of stimuli to form your habits unconsciously.
  • [4:05] Habits streamline our decision-making so we can spend our creative energy more wisely.
  • [5:03] What I learned about unconscious habits from witnessing an EEG machine (learn more about neurofeedback).
  • [6:12] How to use tipping points.
  • [7:32] Using the Five Second Rule from Mel Robbins.
  • [8:23] Three simple steps to better habits with the Healthy Habits Worksheet.

What’s your most important new Healthy Habit? Leave a comment below with what you’ll implement this week – I read every message and can’t wait to hear from you ; )

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