Episode 38: 6 Things I Learned from my (mostly) Silent Retreat

What happens during a silent retreat? What’s the point? Why would someone go on a silent retreat… willingly?!?

If you’ve ever been curious about any of these questions, then you’ll love today’s podcast episode!

I’ll talk about why I chose to go on a silent retreat (yes, I voluntarily decided to spend 5 days in silence), what happens during a silent retreat, and the 6 big learnings I brought home from the monastery into everyday life.

Make space for silence, beneath your habitual thought streams, and watch as your sense of the world and self transforms.

Stick around for the end of the episode, where I offer some reflection questions around different ways you might sprinkle a dose of zen into your daily routine.

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This is a jam-packed episode with research and personal stories. Every time I create a podcast episode, my goal is to serve you with insight and inspiration to better align your mind with your time.

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